Passionate about solving problems

Downhole Energy Ltd was formed in the middle of 2011 in order to develop the next generation of technologies required to economically produce Oil & Gas from todays ageing fields.

The business was started by Chartered Mechanical Engineer; Jamie A Lindsay following several years employment with various leading Downhole technology innovators.





Following completion of a Mechanical Design Engineering Degree from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, Jamie has spent several years honing his skills in the Downhole Oil and Gas industry as a Mechanical Design Engineer and latterly in a technical management role. Intentionally, he has focused
on employment opportunities with companies who posses unique Downhole technology.

Jamie has been involved in several World firsts, including most recently the design of a very small OD high speed rotary electric submersible pumping system. Jamie’s particular area of expertise is within Downhole pump design and in particular high speed rotary machines, powered by various methods. He has worked extensively around the world with some of the largest Oil & Gas Service companies both onshore and offshore.

He has been included in various patent applications relating to Downhole well technology. Introducing new products to the industry with Downhole Energy is something Jamie is extremely passionate about and is determined to prove is possible. Downhole Energy are hungry for success.